Services at Faltz Associates, Inc.

Faltz Associates, Inc. provides a wide variety of diagnostic and therapy services to children of all ages, teens, adolescents, young adults and their families. These services include speech and language screenings, complete diagnostic evaluations, ongoing individual and group therapy, teacher consultations, parent counseling and coordination with other professionals working with the client.

In addition to services at our two office locations, Faltz Associates, Inc. is often contracted by local agencies, private schools and public school districts to provide services at those sites. Faltz Associates, Inc. has maintained its credential as a Non-Public Agency, allowing public school districts to contract for services.

Staff at Faltz Associates, Inc. also provide workshops and parent training sessions in a variety of subjects.

Articulation Screenings: A brief articulation and phonological screening may be all that is needed if the client presents with only a few errors to address. This routinely takes 30-45 minutes, at which time parents can be counseled about whether therapy is recommended.

Complete Diagnostic Evaluations: Comprehensive testing is available for all ages. The amount of time needed depends largely on the age of the client and the concerns regarding their communication disorder. Multiple appointments are scheduled for the testing, with very young children coming in for thirty minute sessions and older children and young adults attending sessions of at least sixty minutes and perhaps longer. An accumulation of three to four hours of testing is needed for any age client in order to ensure that baseline data and information is complete. Once testing is finished, parents are scheduled for a one-hour conference to review the testing. Recommendations for services or other testing are made at that time. Older children and young adults often attend a separate conference to learn of their test results. A complete formal report is written and sent to parents within a few weeks of the conference appointment following the evaluation.
Faltz Associates, Inc. staff provides consultation services to teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, educational therapists, tutors and child care providers on an hourly rate basis.
Teacher Training and Workshops
Faltz Associates, Inc. staff provides workshops and teacher training to local private school personnel. These are typically 90-120 minutes in length but can be arranged for longer time periods. Oftentimes a series of workshops is scheduled to be sure to cover the wide array of information in speech and language pathology.

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